Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy holidays!


can you say, tattoo?
imagine someone raising their sleeve...
and revealing THIS! 8D

well... it's been a while since i last blogged,
but here's a quick update for december :D

i've had a cozy winter break so far.
filled with lots of love
and lots of pandas.

it's the start of a collection lol XD
- panda keychain
- panda t-shirt
- panda bag
and my personal favorite,
- panda plushie :)

thank you all! for the gifts, and for you.
i love you all so much, words can't even come close...
i have to admit, being single during the holidays
can bring you down, just a little...
you look around you, love at every corner.
it surrounds you... yet it's not to you.
my life has been blessed because of your life.
i'm happier when i'm with you, knowing i'm not alone.
thank you for making me feel loved, you know who you are.

now looking online for the movie, 'secret', w/ jay chou
 and cooking japanese-style chicken, called karaage :)
LOL watch all parts, it all comes together.
for the 2nd page, change to "forever2" ^

ready for a new start?

chinese new year begins on
VALENTINE'S DAY ♥ (2.14.10)

-- amanda

p.s. btw! how was your xmas/winter break? :)

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