Sunday, November 15, 2009


[woo my first attempt at a philosophical post!]

at this very moment, i feel so...
like i'm locked up in a cage,
and that if i wait long enough,
someone will come along and set me free.
but then again...
everyone else is trapped in their own cage too.

i'll just have to wait and grow stronger.

wait for one strong enough to break away from their cage
and then free me from mine.
or grow strong enough to break away from my cage
and then free someone else.

do you know what i mean?

anyway... uh... XD
waiting takes patience.
patience takes strength.
how to get that strength?

the kind of people that...
- help you grow as a person
- learn more about yourself
- decipher life's puzzles with
- comfort you in your loneliest hours
- respect you and your beliefs
- appreciate what you do for them
- trust in your honest judgement
- will always be there for you
and love you unconditionally.

did i forget something? :)

the power of ♥ can conquer anything!
love is pure strength.
pure strength is something i need.

now i'm not asking for a bouquet of roses,
a box of chocolates, or a love letter.
but i ask that if you believe
YOU have the strength to free someone from their chains,
do what true friends and family would do.

that is all. XD
friends + family = love
love = strength

friends and family
give you love and strength.


hey what'd you think? :)